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what you will | romeo & juliet | a midsummer night's dream | richard III

2001 | What You Will

...it is an intelligent and sophisticated parody, and under Mr. Wolfe's smart and crisp direction the energetic cast is having so much fun that the jollity of it all becomes contagious.

If there were as much justice and wisdom in the New York theater as there is folly and waste, then some thoughtful representative from one of the city's great institutional theaters would take the time to go see what is surely the most captivating and instructive homegrown Shakespeare this town has seen since the death of Joe Papp.

Moonwork's production of Twelfth Night deserves to on Broadway and looks like it already is.

Critic's Pick

2000 | Romeo & Juliet

Splendid…fascinating…a pleasure…a reminder of how passionate and committed Moonwork is and how abundant is this company's imagination.

… a visually and aurally rich production, splendidly directed… the audience see this familiar play anew…

Moonwork's Romeo & Juliet is exactly what discerning theater audiences need and deserve: a thrilling reminder of the heights Shakespeare can reach…Moonwork is to be commended for filling these spaces with such intelligent performances and such dazzling direction. This Romeo & Juliet will linger in my mind for a long time.

(Moonwork's Romeo & Juliet) generously synthesizes innovation and accessibility, wedding a populist spirit to nuanced theatrics. The fusion is no accident.

Ambitious, intelligent and ingenious…

1999 | A Midsummer Night's Dream

Those unsung heroes of the theater open their mouths and sing in Moonwork's farcical reimagining of Midsummer. Director (Gregory Wolfe) has ideas by the trunkful...

The makers of Broadway musicals could learn a thing or three from Moonwork's extravagantly zany off-off production...

What fools you mortals be, if you miss this fantastic, fanciful production...the incredibly inventive Moonwork theater company proves once again the unlimited potential and enduring power of live theater.

One of the finest and bar-none funniest bard productions I have ever seen.

1998 | Richard III

… lavish in the resonance it coaxes out of every gesture and phrase. Most efforts to translate Shakespeare to modern time or novel political contexts treat him lika dead poet; this company treats him like an intelligent colleague, and among them he is very much alive.

In its trademark innovative, coherent style, the Moonwork Theater Company interprets Shakespeare's final War of the Roses play...

Everything in this production works…walking by the Public Theater after this performance reminded me that, in the right hands, low-budget Shakespeare can be as powerful as its big-budget cousin.